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Caravan shipping from the UK to New Zealand

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Simply a better service
Safe and reliable caravan shipping
We arrange all modes of safe, secure and reliable storage & forwarding including RO/RO, containerised and conventional movements of personal and commercial shipments.
  • Specialist Worldwide Caravan Shipping

  • Damage-free On Time Shipping

  • In House Unpack & MAF Cleaning

  • Import & Export Parts & Projects

  • Direct Shipping from United Kingdom, New Zealand & Australia

Safe & Secure Caravan Shipping
Famous Pacific Shipping (NZ) Limited is New Zealand's only specialist caravan shippers. Together with our partners in the UK, FS MacKenzie, we offer tailor made shipping services for every type of caravan. We eliminate the risk of damage and reduce costs by:
  • Containerisation.
  • A weekly fixed shipping schedule to all NZ ports.
  • We manage the NZ customs clearance process.
  • Our purpose built MAF approved cleaning bay designed for every type of caravan.
Why choose FPS?
Choosing a safe and reliable caravan shipping service can be time consuming, frustrating and incredibly expensive. It's also unnecessary. We have imported over 3,000 vehicles from the UK, the USA, Australia and all over the world. With the help of our specialist caravan shipping experts you'll avoid all those common importing mistakes and pitfalls, and save yourself $$$ in the process.

Our new enhanced service with better communications results in a shipping service at an altogether higher level, an affordable level that you'll only find at FPS.

There is a compelling reason why we have become such a successful caravan shipper. It's our people. As well as our New Zealand HQ over 400 dedicated staff work for FS Mackenzie Ltd, our agents at the UK end of our organisation. Our specialist caravan loaders are able to accommodate 2 caravans in one 40ft high cube container. They follow a standard of integrity and service we call "intensive caravan caring." A commitment to exceed expectations. We are convinced that intensive caring is the reason for our consistent growth.
A Hassle-Free Service
When you have found the caravan that best suits you, simply call us. FS MacKenzie, our partners in the United Kingdom, will arrange collection and transportation to their depot. Dedicated staff at FS MacKenzie will prepare the caravan for shipment, which includes:
  • Removal of some external components
  • Securing of the moveable items internally
  • Protecting the windows
  • Protecting the outer edges
The unit is then loaded into the container by a unique system called 'Ship-a-Caravan.' Prior to arrival in New Zealand, Famous Pacific Shipping will manage the customs formalities and assist with the lodging of the entry, collection of GST and Duty on behalf of New Zealand Customs (duty is currently 5%) as at Jan 01 2013. Famous Pacific Shipping staff will carefully remove the unit from the container and remove pre-shipment protection. The caravan will then clear MAF under our care. This will probably include cleaning in our specialist cleaning facility.
Frequently Asked Questions
Lets face it all shipping services are not equal. As with most things in life, experience teaches you that quality of care and customer service can vary quite a bit, so what do you do? Even more daunting is the fact that this may be the first time you have shipped a vehicle from abroad. So, do you trust the shipper you are about to use is one of the better ones? Or look a little closer and make sure it's one of the very best. Looking, in fact beneath the surface is clearly worth the effort and will not take long. In fact, if you like you can start right now.

Q. Worried about legitimacy of the caravan you are looking to purchase?
We can provide certification CRIS reports of Caravan History, GBP 35.00 per caravan. Please contact us for details.
Q. Can I load other items in my caravan?
Yes, but these must be declared and appropriate receipts must be supplied.
Q. Can you arrange insurance?
Yes, we offer full cover on all caravans and accessories.
Q. Can I load any gas bottles into the caravan?
Unfortunately not. All hazardous materials, explosives, corrosive or flammable items cannot be shipped with caravans.
Q. Can you ship 5th wheel trailers from the

Yes. We have numerous methods and systems depending on which part of the USA your 5th wheel is purchased from.
Caravan & Parts Sourcing
At FPS we are able to help source a particular caravan and arrange a professional inspection if required. We can also offer an escrow service to safely manage the payment for your caravan and trucking from any point in the UK, let us know what you need we can ship your caravan back safely and on time, no problem. As well as caravans we also import parts from the UK to New Zealand.
It's the way we put our service together that sets us apart!

FPS New Zealand Head Office
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Auckland, New Zealand

Customer Service:
Telephone: +64 9 275 6878
FAX: +64 9 275 2288

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